MyTransport.Sg is a mobile application that provides the user with useful travelling information. In this project, we will focus on the areas of improvement for MyTransport.Sg app’s navigation, through the process of a Design Sprint.

The application allows the user to have quick access to bus services and traffic information. Users are also able to plan their journey with different transport options based on their travel needs.

Passengers on board the Singapore’s Mass Rapit Transit, Circle Line (photo taken before the Covid-19 pandemic).

Who are we?

We are five students starting out in the field of UX Design and this is our first…

The Challenge and the Goal

The National Library Board (NLB) is the main library in which all Singaporeans frequent to borrow books. In this project, we will look at the NLB’s Overdrive website and see how we might increase ebook readership that leverages on NLB’s OverDrive website.

The NLB Overdrive, available in both web and app, is designed for users of the library to borrow eBooks and eAudiobooks online. There is also an in-built reader for the users to download the eBooks and eAudiobooks.

UX Techniques • Business Analysis, Survey, Desk Research, Proto-persona, User Stories, Information Architecture, Interaction Design, Interface Design, Information Design, Sensory Design


I worked on redesigning Save Our Street Dogs’ (SOSD) website, which proved to be an interesting journey.

Save Our Street Dogs’, or better known as SOSD, is a non-profit organisation that has a clear mission to eliminate cruelty and abandonment of animals and to improve their lives through rescue, education and advocacy. This is achieved through a whole myriad of arrangements, including raising fundings, organising outreach events and caring for Singapore street dogs.

Lean UX Approach

Cheryl C

Hi there! I’m Cheryl, a UX Designer that is passionate about design and creating experiences.

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